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tell her that if it happens again she should let you know straight away. He will get the help he needs if dad doesn't want to do anything.

a 10 year old boy is not too young to have sexual urges. Mom, and ALL moms, from as early as your child can understand you start telling that that no one other that you ( any maybe your husband)... I had a 12 year old student who had been in juvenile detention because he raped his little sister.

My brother said he would talk to my nephew about it and I will not let them be alone together again.

How can I talk to my daughter about this without changing her love of her nephew or making her afraid?

This occured during a sleepover at their grandparents, and then again at a sleepover at her aunt and uncle's house.

I am in torment since she told me what had been happening, now nearly 6 months ago.

Depending on the severity of the incident, it is a good idea to see at what level or if anything serious did occur physically.

Seeking professional help may be helpful in some circumstances as well as i did go through therapy many years later that helped ease off the rest of the lingering emotion from the incidents but your daughter will be able to give you signs to indicate what is best for her. Hi - I have discovered a similar situation in my own family, where my 4 year old daughter was subjected to her 8 year old (boy) cousin and his curiosity.

My chest is so tight, my heart is so heavy, that I just feel alone.

I feel as if I really need a moment to force air to come out of my lungs, because it does not want to come out on its on.

I confronted her and yes there were tears from both sides. Do I stop her from seeing him as much, should I chaperone her always now, what what someone please please help me!!!!

You need to be more concerned about her safety then her love for him. If he can touch his cousin, he could do this to anyones little kid.

But you need to explain that her private areas are not allowed to be touched by anyone.

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