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You can also show him what the soundwave is with their Can you believe it’s been 365 days since you and your husband tied the knot?

With every cork you save, you also save the memory from that night.

The past year has been full of adventures, romance, and great memories.

You want to give your hubby something nice for your anniversary that’s romantic and maybe something you can use together, like this wine gift set!

He got you hooked on it too in the year you’ve been together, and you love watching it with him and discussing the differences between the books and the TV series. Your husband prefers whiskey over beer or cocktails.

One of the best possible is a personalized beer mug that’s engraved with “Beer is Coming,” inspired by the famous Stark words, followed by his name. Every time you go out, he always orders the same thing: scotch on the rocks. As his wife of 1 year, you know his routine by now.

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