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Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. 4i xuiise or (furojicftn Tanqua^es rf En^iiaii Sutf ^^^3 bra to create. James Grimm in his Deutsche Grammatik, Gottingen, 1822, 8vo. In addition to the passages previously cited relative to the dispersion, Moses adds: '^By these (the sons of Japheth) were the isles of the Gentiles (Europe) divided in their lands, every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations. In America, there are said to b^ 1500 idioms, *'j DOtabilmente diversi." Such wan the opinion of Lopez, a missionary of great knowledge in the languages both of South and North America. A tabular arrangement will best show the extent of the lan- guages of the Japhetic race. The regular interchange of con- sonants, and the laws that influence the vowel system, are also satisfactorily proved and fully treated by Dr. No one who has omitted to examine what these learned and laborious authors have written, ought to reject, and much less ridicule, the systematic and regular change of vowels and consonants. Those who pronounced their words in the same manner, separating from those they could not understand, would naturally unite together, and form distinct tribes. f The languages of the African nations, according to Seetzen, who has made the most extensive and original researches into this subject, amount to 100 or 150. Some name the following :— The Dialed of Ancient Egypt, ^°P*^*^' 19. Beowulf is said to have been nearly contemporary with Hengist;t but the poem contained in the Cotton MS. Prichard, On the Eastern Origin ef the Ce Uie Nations, p. Oxford, 1881, to whose work the preceding table is much indebted. 581, 584, 578; and in Professor Schmitthenner's valuable Introduction to his short German Dictionary. It is now necessary to advert to the vast diversity of languages, which is satisfactorily accounted for by the confusion of lip or pro- nunciation. The race of Shem, who were much devoted to a pastoral life^ spread over the finest part of Middle and Upper Asia, o? The following languages, distinguished by being written from right to left, and forming their gram- matical connexions by prefixes and postfixes, are of the Shemitic race : — Shemitic Langtuiges. Little appears to be known of the languages used by the race of Ham. t Kurzes Deotsches Worterbach/wr Etymologi Of Sifnonymik und Orthographie von Friedrich Schmitthenner, Svo. Some think that the laws of Ethelbert are the first Anglo-Saxon composition :♦ others give priority to Beowulf, the Traveller's Song, &c. * See the change of letters admirably proved in the erudite and invaluable work of Dr. The similarity of the words previously cited, prove that these languages originally proceeded irom one common source, and they thus verify that part of the Mosaic history which declares, that " the whole earth was of one language." 13. Til Phoenicians or Canaanites^ who took their origin from Ham^ spoke a Shemitic dialect ; but as Shemitic is in general use and well under- stood, it is best to retain it. The descendants of Hcan were seafaring men, who founded the republics of Tyre, Sidon, Cflrthage, &c. That all these are closely connected with the Sanscrit, will clearly appear from a few examples. 597, was distinguished as the author of tlie first written Saxon laws which have descended to us, or are known to have been established. There occur in it Christian allusions which fix this text at least at a period subsequent to a.d.

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