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It remains to be seen whether or not the ruling and new guidelines will change the entrenched practices of online payment processors in denying equal financial access, rights, and opportunities to small businesses, artists, and contractors whose business happens to be sex.

Ultimately the fact of the matter is, while keeping corporate mitts off free speech is everyone's business, sex is becoming a woman's business.

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While Pay Pal is one of the common options most retailers consider when looking to process credit card payments, there’s always the question of whether you can use it for your merchant account for high risk business.

If you lied about your age to get the Pay Pal account, you may be held liable for the balance and even face criminal charges. The larger the debt is, the more likely that possibility becomes.Monday a federal appeals court ruled that pressuring credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard to stop doing business with speech-protected websites violates their First Amendment rights.Specifically ones that feature content from sex workers.Unfortunately, you can’t, because they don’t accept merchants like you.Along with other payment aggregators like, Stripe and Square, Pay Pal is not willing to allow adult businesses use their processing service.

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