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I just don't know if we'd have the development time.' Someone please dig the attribution of that post back out of page history.It's important to note who wrote this, since it's an AFF employee, and if they edit the article, that's a probable WP: COI issue.Having been a member for over 10 years and with a few notable exceptions I enjoyed the site. Now there are log-in problems and my cam will not work on the site at all.Everyone I talk to hates the new format and Tech...Also, FFI's/Various, Inc's business interest in tolerating scam emails is mitigated by the fact that there are a number of ways for standard members to communicate with gold and silver members *when said paid members instantiate the communication*.In other words, a standard member is limited to winking at other members, but a paid member can communicate with anyone they start talking to, and if they get the 'standard contacts' package they can even get unsolicited emails from standard members.

(Not an exaggeration -- I used their service for an entire month, and 11/11 of the messages I received were scams.) AFF has an obvious business interest in tolerating this situation (while insisting that they don't), and this is as close to being a scam as possible without being overtly illegal.This article is within the scope of Wiki Project Pornography, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of pornography-related topics on Wikipedia.I agree with your general sentiment, although I thought some of the links you added were of questionable value so I removed them.Alex Krupp , 26 March 2006 (UTC) For the record, there are bot accounts created, and the people in the CS department disable them whenever they find them.There are usually a few fake accounts for testing purposes but they are deliberately kept unobtrusive (and usually have names rlike /^fftest.*/).

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The claim above that paid members can communicate with unpaid members may have been true five years ago but it is not true now.

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