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Radiocarbon age determinations from this and other historically dated Egyptian artifacts, as well as tree-ring dated wood samples––widely known as the “Curve of Knowns”––demonstrated “satisfactory” agreement between the expected and measured ages.Libby was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research on Standard turnaround time is 3 weeks.This may involve cleaning to remove obvious contaminants and/or reduction of particle size of the sample.Cleaning involves the physical, rather than chemical, removal of obviously intrusive materials.

The sample is then washed with 0.1 M Na OH to remove possible contamination by humic acids.

This research ultimately led to the publication of the first set of radiocarbon dates in 1949.

One of the greatest achievements of Libby and his team was that they devised a means of measuring the extremely low concentrations of C activity expected at a given time after the organic material was removed from the life cycle.

Certain chemical pretreatment techniques are considered routine for specific sample types or contaminants, and are described below.

However, the implementation of these techniques may vary depending on the size and condition of the sample.

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