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(END VIDEO CLIP) KING: And our panel to discuss all of this, in Los Angeles, but not with us -- she's at the E! (CROSSTALK) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is a political discussion. This is what we talked about today on "Extra." Everybody is talking about Rosie. (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: Debbie, do you think this is big for Elizabeth? I think Rosie O'Donnell is the blest thing that ever happened to Elizabeth Hasselbeck, because it actually forces Elizabeth to be honest. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP FROM "THE VIEW," COURTESY ABC) O'DONNELL: The enemies in Iraq? if the enemy are innocent civilians, I don't want to play that kind of football. They've got to pick somebody who can become that kind of a lightning rod or she's going to look like a wacko. DEVON: You know, I think right now we're looking at Roseanne Barr as a frontrunner. Whoopi Goldberg is actually who Rosie wants to replace her. I just -- I can't envision who is going to be as polarizing as Rosie, though, right... DEVON: Yes, I think they want someone, because, you know, this is what we're talking about right now. "Extra" nabbed an interview with Elizabeth Hasselbeck after her slugfest. And being not Rosie, I think she's the best person to say what she meant by that. I would hope that a disagreement or a -- a heated debate wouldn't be the end of a relationship. And when -- when the audience files out and the cameras turn off, they're still real people with real feelings. It was more about our government, I believe, not the troops. I think it was just the farthest it's actually gone on set. KING: Should I feel responsible since it started over Al Gore's experience on this show? DAYNA DEVON, "EXTRA" CO-HOST: It's your fault, Larry. KING: And she was accusing her of copping out on her? Well, she was saying that she didn't stand up for her. DEVON: And she was saying that -- Rosie had made a comment that 650,000 Iraqis have died, and so who are terrorists, insinuating that it was possibly our troops. She just kind of let her answer her own question and said you're an adult, make your own comments. I really believe she was insinuating her political beliefs. HASSELBECK: Do not -- do not call me a coward because, number one, I sit here every single day... open my heart and tell people exactly what I believe.

Mary Jo survived, but was left scarred and deaf in one ear. If you're playing a game and I'm going to say OK, I'm going to throw to my wide receiver, wide right, OK? But she also said if she really wanted that job, she would... She -- if you watch that tape really carefully, they were talking about "Dancing With the Stars." and Rosie O'Donnell looked like I just couldn't care less about this right before they started talking about this. They're not going to want somebody like you because they want someone less crazy, not more crazy, than me. LEVIN: Well, but she had just taken a general beating over the -- over the comments that she made, political comments that Elizabeth, she felt, didn't defend her. And I was just with Roseanne Barr this past weekend, interviewing her for "The Daily Ten." And she said -- I asked her all about this -- and she said, listen, Rosie called me and said here's the deal. KING: But she didn't take a beating in the press over the Al Gore thing and the Iraq thing, since it hadn't appeared yet. KING: We'll take a break and be right back with more. I don't mean TV honest, I mean honest -- and lay it all out on there on the table, regardless of what anybody else may think. MATENOPOULOS: It has forced Elizabeth to thicken her skin and I think people actually like her more for it. LEVIN: You know, I think Rosie was ticked off that -- that she took a beating in the press and she felt it was unfair and she felt that Elizabeth...

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