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One other observation after using both, finding two pieces of a jumbo card on a stage floor is MUCH easier than finding a tiny spade pip. She waves the wand saying Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo and then the effect happens.Well, this is an oldish topic but thought I'll post anyway...With the WW Comedy Card in Balloon, you get twice as many effects.You get one balloon deflating, one flies off the table, then the chrome piece falls off the table.

Once the bugs are worked out with a new item, there's nothing better! Steve I have the Jumbo Sidekick II and I've never used it in my kidshows. I don't think it will work as effectively without a blank gun. Just a wand, or do you make the kids shout a magic word?

Be very careful about arming the table in performance situation.

This week while I was at a gig, I made the table hot in the very beginning-I don't even know why.

Good luck If you're buying a Jumbo Sidekick new, it'll have the brand new operation.

You can switch between the sound operated option and the remote-control part is that you can switch BY REMOTE! I've owned this for almost 12 years, and LOVE to use it in kid shows.

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