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Eventually, you'll need to take personal information from the user, such as her name, e-mail, billing address, and so on.

For example, imagine that you've created an e-commerce site that takes orders for office supplies.NET MVC, and given it integrates with standard validation, you can use solutions listed above to make it work.You can get the source code for the examples used in this article here as a Zip archive or browse the code on Git Hub.It contains an error message for a required text field. Without proper styling the above HTML looks like this: Not too bad, but could be better.Bootstrap 3 has this awesome indication for invalid form controls, and it highlights the entire control and the error text: So following Bootstrap’s own documentation we need to make sure that control with error has a parent with the class of It is clear that we just need to add two puny CSS classes, but how exactly this is done depends on whether you use client-side Java Script validation or not.

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