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After taking care of his business at the house, Derrick comes back outside to check on what she is doing, and when she appears in the doorway looking like a million bucks, he is shocked!

The ugly motorhead has become a beautiful socialite in the blink of an eye.

Derrick calls his father up and asks why he has started to date butch lesbians.

His father says that there is more than meets the eye, but Derrick is skeptical.

He tells her that he's humiliated, and all his buddies are ragging on him for it.

Jessica tells him that his father is more mature, financially stable and makes her feel more secure, overall.

I told my girl Lacie Channing she could get a foot massage and dinner if she could put up a couple of frames on the wall without needing my help but if she lost, she had to do anything I wanted.

The stale cock penetrates both ass and pussy with intense speed making the babe scream from pleasure.

Molly spent the night out on the town with her new boyfriend and now they're back at his place for a little play.

The only thing on Molly's boyfriends mind is getting his dick into her tight little ass...

Derrick has come over to visit his father, but finds a rather frumpy looking girl fixing an expensive motorcycle.

He thinks its one of the workers, but she claims to be dating his father.

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