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"Get to the [bottom of the] rest of it by figuring out why you feel [guilt].""I think that if you are more comfortable just hanging out with a person than when you are on a date, the friendship card might be too strong to ignore," Rob Alex, who created Sexy Challenges and Mission Date Night with his wife, tells Bustle."If you feel different when you are on an official date with this person, it is time to step back and figure out if your friendship with them is more valuable than a possible romantic relationship." If you've been friends for a long time, you might not want to give that comfort up — and risk losing it permanently.Jealousy and possessiveness occur in all relationships- including friendships.I've been envious of new friends that supplant old friendships.Apparently, this is a pretty common phenomenon, and they had some great advice for anyone who finds themselves in such a situation. So here are what the experts say are signs you're actually better as pals with someone, beyond the whole "I can't imagine being intimate with them" thing.

That said, I'm all for true friendship, so if you can't picture road-tripping with someone, you might do best if you aren't friends or lovers with this particular character.

What are the weird signs that you're better as friends? As everyone knows, once you take that romantic step with someone, you may never go back — and this is all the more important in cases when you've been friends forever.

Or what if you aren't dating someone, but you're thinking about it and wondering whether it would be a good idea or if you should just stay friends / pursue a new friendship with them? Good news: I asked some experts these exact questions. If the relationship doesn't work out, your friendship could be affected.

"After all, why waste your time with someone who’s not going to be right for you?

" That said, the guilt thing might come from you harboring true feelings for the person you're dating — feelings of friendship.

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