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One of the best ladies man I know is some 5'5 security guard. And if a chick is going to outwardly reject you because of your height, then forget about her. From my experience here is the breakdown, a good amount of girls have no problem with your height barring you are a decent guy who is on their level attration wise and mentally.

He's about 30, Asian dude, he's in good shape and has a mouth piece. That's not my taste, because I'm a one girl type of guy, but if any of you guys were interested in that type of life, just be confident, and workout (working out gives you confidence). Some girls have a problem with shorter guys subconsciously but if a great guy like YOU comes along, they will change their dating habits and date YOU because you are a unique individual.

But if there is anything I can say I've seen a good amount of sub 5'0-5'2 dudes mack honeys.Now before make I post I just want to say, this is my opinion coming from my own personal experiences as a person being 5'6ish-5'7 at best.I am a 22 year old male African American who goes to college in a major metropolitan city.EDIT** I can't respond to any of you Guy's comments anymore because I have negative comment Karma because my comments here got down voted, which is sad because all I was trying to do is offer advice in this thread.But my comments are thus far being suspended until I get above 0 karma.

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I feel like people that say this are usually thinking people are shorter than they really are.

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  1. But don’t forget the negative aspect of anonymity over the internet; your latest love interest might be a 50 year old truck driver pretending. Open nonverbally before you start talking to someone. Unlike other online chat sites, you don't have to wait for people to respond.