Best questions to ask on a dating website fun softcore dating sims

“This will tell you a lot about what they value and their personality traits," says Burns.

"Will they want to volunteer in their community, travel the world, play golf, or spend time with a future significant other or kids? Again, it’s both a fun conversation topic and gives you major insight into how similar you may (or may not) be.

If you both love, say, exotic vacations, that could be enough of a spark for a match (and more conversation, to boot).“Maybe it’s someone bubbly, outgoing, sarcastic, empathetic, warm, generous, or go-with-the-flow,” says Burns.

Don’t be thrown off if they list a few things you don’t think you possess—it’s not necessarily a deal breaker, just more intel on what matters most to them.

Before we get into the questions, I do want to run through a couple things: These questions aren’t magical and they certainly won’t get you laid, so don’t for one second thing they will have every girl dropping to their knees before you.For example, if their answer is "sleep"—and you're a go-getter—you may not even want that second date, after all.“Many people are uncomfortable talking about money, but this question is a less threatening way to talk about it because what it’s really getting at is what they value,” says Burns.(Again, with the values—clearly that's some important stuff to get out the way early.) “It could be experiences, such as concerts or travel; self-care, such as yoga and wellness retreats; or material goods, like the latest tech gizmos or a nice watch.” See how this aligns with what you value.Don’t shy away from asking your date how they feel about an issue that’s super important to you.A first date is as good a time as any to figure out if you align on the big stuff, “so you don’t invest too much time and energy in someone only to learn after weeks or months of dating that you’d have to compromise too much on what’s most important to you to be with them," Burns says.

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