Blues match dating review difference between intervening and consolidating cases

In 1961, Hammond reissued Johnson’s recordings on the compilation album , introducing his music to a new generation of fans, including Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and the members of The Rolling Stones, who would cover his songs and make them rock n’ roll standards.

House said Johnson was so bad at guitar, people asked him not to play.According to his stepfather beat him because he refused to work the fields, and instead wanted to dedicate himself to music.A brief attempt to settle down and go straight went up in flames after the death of his wife and child during birth, leading to a period of itinerancy, setting the stage for his future as a traveling bluesman.You can trace a long straight line from his preoccupation with Satanic imagery to modern day black metal, and his boogie woogie rhythm guitar figure – itself borrowed from barroom piano players – has powered more blues, R&B, rock and pop songs that can be counted.Prior to the discovery of his death certificate in the late 1960s, little was known about Johnson besides his legend and his music.

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