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She’s a dark, tall (5’8″), figure 8 lady who I’d put at late 20s-early 30s. We showered together and had an awesome shower smash session (I’d never rooted in the shower before).After a round of LDs she gives me a kiss and almost bites my lip off. She actually tried to guide me in uncovered and almost tackled me when I went to get condoms.I have to say Patong bar girls are every bit as pushy as people say, almost the first thing out of their mouths is “buy me drink! I finished my beer and wanted to leave with her but she said if she stayed 10 more mins she would get another 100baht.This tweaked by alarms a bit so consulted with my mate (who is a cheap charlie) he said “NO WAY! After a lot of wandering around and drinking at random bars we ended up at a little bar in Soi Sea Dragon just before Devils Playground, and I met Pok.I calmed myself down, got changed and headed for Hollywood disco in the hope of some freelancer action.

In no time flat had a hot 18yo named “Anna” giving me a lap dance and kissing me with her tongue stud. So I threatened to take her back and complain to the boss (girls can get fined 5k for running/not performing) and this got her awake. Man that was one of the most awkward boom booms of my life.

She bought me a drink and introduced me to some friends and after an hour or so we left for my hotel.

This girl was talking some loopy crap, about her triplets (body was immaculate), how she jumped off a 5 story building when her English boyfriend left her (no obvious scars) and the whole time I was thinking about the ways I was going to smash her.

Eventually, it was on, her riding me with all her gusto, me annihilating her in doggy, this went on all night.

Early in the morning (still jetlagged) I’d wake up every hour with a hard-on, grab her tits and she knew it was boom boom time. Apologies for the bad quality, its on my phone and I was pumping at the time.

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