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“That shouldn’t be allowed.” In addition to UC, Miami University, Northern Kentucky University, Ohio State University and the University of Kentucky all allow faculty/student dating under certain conditions, according to an Enquirer review of their policies.

The only two area schools that don't are Xavier University and Thomas More College – both private Catholic schools.

"The days of reckoning are arriving for these types of behaviors," said Daniel Prywes, a Washington-based lawyer who specializes in academic human resource issues.

"But on the other hand, under no circumstances can consenting adults be absolutely prohibited from having a romantic relationship." Students are adults, and professors – especially at a public school – may claim a ban is a violation of their civil rights, he said.

This isn't a question you should feel ashamed ask, especially if you spend a lot of quality time with them.

Between office hours, dorm meetings, and recitation, it's perfectly natural to feel somewhat bonded to these authority figures.

Wondering if you can you date your RA, TA, or professor?In , Ross Geller is a New York University professor, who knowingly dates his student Elizabeth.Throughout both series, the inappropriate nature of these relationships is frowned upon, but not condemned.The relationship can affect not just the student involved with the professor but the entire class, said Keren Schweitzer, who studied with Garner in the 1990s.“It’s not only harmful to her, but it’s a toxic environment for the entire studio,” Schweitzer said.

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"Some young women think, 'If I say no, my career is going to be jeopardized,’” Stevens said.

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