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Living The Life contains excerpts from "Let Me Get Down" performed by Notorious B. / "Take Time To Tell Her" performed by Jerry Butler. 1970 Somethin' contains excerpts from "Respect" performed by Notorious B. Hold Ya Head contains excerpts from "Suicidal Thoughts" performed by Notorious B. / "Johnny Was" performed by Bob Marley and The Wailers. Just A Memory contains excerpts from "You're Nobody" and "Come On" performed by Notorious B.

Although the countries of the world had agreed at the Atlantic City Convention of the International Telecommunication Union in 1947 to use 2182 kilocycles for international maritime mobile radiotelephone calling and distress, the Coast Guard had continued listening on the old frequency until the public had had sufficient time to change to the new one.

Nas is paying his publicists a boatload of cash to book him on mainstream shows such as Letterman and CNN.

It Has Been Said contains excerpts from "Kick In The Door" performed by Notorious B.

Spit Your Game contains excerpts from "Notorious Thugs" performed by Notorious B.

/ "My Ship Is Coming In" performed by Walter Jackson. Get Your Grind On contains excerpts from "My Downfall" performed by Notorious B.

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