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I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, Night Man. I mean the first half of that song was kind of cool, but what’s with the second half? I can’t fight you man when you come inside me and pin me down with your strong hands and I become the Night… We are living in the barren wasteland of an "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" desert, with no promise of future episodes for months on end, if you want to call it living.

Like most, he enjoys magnets, fears goblins and ghouls and something tells me he enjoys his milksteak boiled over hard with a side of jelly beans — raw, of course…

Mac: But it sounds like a song where a man breaks into your house and rapes you.

”Charlie Kelly: [singing] Night Man, sneaky and mean. Every night you come into my room and pin me down with your strong arms, And pin me down and I try to fight you, You come inside me and fill me up and I become the Night Man. Charlie Kelly: It’s about the Night Man, like, you know, like filling me up, and I become him, I become the spirit of the Night Man. Alright, [resumes singing] Charlie Kelly: It’s just two men sharing the night.

@Glenn Howerton @Starting9 HV— Eli Kraus (@Eli_Kraus19) February 17, 2018 Fans of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" should find nothing amiss about this at all.

The magnets and ghouls are a direct reference to the Season Five episode "The Waitress is Getting Married," in which Dennis and Mac try to set Charlie up with a dating profile.

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