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I told him I had to be quiet as my parents were home.I moved my finger around my clit and it felt amazing, I then pushed my finger into my pu**y and began thrusting into it.I told him I was going to cum, I got onto my back and pulled my legs up, thrusting the dildo quicker and quicker until I could feel an orgasm erupting inside of me, my juices exploding all over my dildo.I then moved my dildo slowly in and out of me whilst I came down from my orgasm.I moved out my fingers and moved them in front of the camera so that he could see them glistening from my juices and he put his head in his hands, telling me he was so horny.

He was nice, friendly but he lived thousands of miles away and I lived with my parents a thousand miles away in the other direction.I left the screen momentarily to grab hold of my favorite dildo that I had just bought.I showed it to him and told him that I was going to pretend that it was his co*k f*cking me.He was touching himself again as I moved up and down on the dildo, getting faster and faster.I used my free hand to pinch my nipples and the other to thrust the dildo inside of me faster and faster.

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