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A source said the puppy could arrive as soon as tomorrow and, unlike No 10 cat Larry (inset), he will belong to Mr Johnson and Miss Symonds rather than whoever occupies Downing Street.

Some 54 migrants were stopped by Border Force as they made a dawn crossing over the Channel today (pictured: migrants walking up the beach in Kent; a woman speaks to Border Force, top right; and a man with a baby is processed by officials in Dover). Kent Police said eight people arriving in a dinghy on the shore at Kingsdown have been passed to immigration officers.

Kent Police and the South East Ambulance Service have also been assisting with the operation.

While he was examining its contents he noticed that Ms Khan was scrolling 'frantically' through her personal phone deleting messages.The first High School Musical movie was just called High School Musical.The second High School Musical movie was called High School Musical 2.Ms Khan (right) was frogmarched out of Downing Street by police on Thursday night.She was caught 'frantically deleting messages' to outspoken Boris critic Poppy Trowbridge (left), who spent three years as a special adviser to Mr Hammond, has been a prominent figure in the media since leaving Government earlier this year.

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The race was stopped after the crash and cancelled within a few minutes when the potential seriousness of the accident became clear.

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