Consolidating government services

However, the oversight can help you find trustworthy private companies.

The federal government does not directly support or manage any debt consolidation loans or programs.

However, government-sponsored enterprises (GSE) help certain consumers obtain home loans with longer repayment terms, lower interest rates, and smaller down payments.

Homeowners with sufficient equity could refinance via a GSE to eliminate existing unsecured balances.

However, several state benefit programs may help people with temporary and/or permanent disabilities to increase income or reduce medical expenses.

Use the extra free resources to pay down revolving balances.

As before, several agencies regulate the activities of private companies that provide settlement services. The government does not support hardship grants for debt relief directly to individuals.

Grants represent money that you do not have to pay back.

You will not find government loans to pay off debt.

The government does not fund, back, or sponsor debt relief programs.

However, the Federal Trade Commission enforces the Telemarketing Sales Rule, which regulates industry activities.

No agency or department issues debt consolidation loans directly to individuals.

Plus, even if they did, borrowing money only restructures your obligation.

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