Constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget

But to rely mainly on Congress, which is composed of men and women who, generally speaking, are parochial and self-obsessed, to legislate the national government into boundaries that more closely approximate the pre-FDR era is a reach.

Representatives and Senators are vipers, rogues, and greedy - well, not all of them, anyway.

When it comes to government, human wiliness, and chicanery, no law -- constitutional or otherwise -- however shrewdly constructed, is foolproof. Congress of latter day Jeffersons and Madisons who legislated limited national government and budget-prudence, where is it written that subsequent Congresses, perhaps comprised of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer clones, won't undo the 113The argument can be advanced that virtuous voters would need to keep electing the Jeffersons and Madisons to Congress, but the Republic's history shows that very human voters don't always elect the wisest and most public-spirited to populate and helm the Congress, much less fill the presidency.Although a balanced federal budget has long been held as a political ideal, the accumulation of large deficits in recent years has heightened concern that some action to require a balance between revenues and expenditures may be necessary.The debate over a balanced budget measure actually consists of several interrelated debates. Who really trusts politicians to do the right thing rather than the self-serving thing? An argument being made by a scattering of conservatives against a constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget is that there's no need to make any fundamental structural changes to the process of government in Washington; electing right-thinking Congressmen who respect the Constitution as is should suffice in restoring fiscal sanity and limited government. Any legislator in Washington or state capitols can attest to the challenge of mustering a simple majority to pass legislation - it's usually a tough task. But thanks to the "living Constitution" heresy long embraced by liberal jurists, federal courts and successive Congresses have blown massive holes through the General Welfare and Commerce Clauses in the Constitution, for instance, enough to sail big government supertankers to ports across the country.

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Simple legislative majorities are hard to get ordinarily but How much of Mr.

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