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Orders in Council and Indentures (excluding the lists of convicts) have been transcribed. Jenni Stapleton, Acting Director Christine Shergold, Manager, Special Projects Richard Gore, retired Manager, Archives Control Wendy Gallagher, Acting Manager, Archives Control Janette Pelosi, Senior Archivist, Context and Documentation (Project co-ordinator) Anna Gray, Acting Project Officer, Copying and Digitisation Tara Majoor, Digitisation Officer Michael Wood, Acting Digitisation Officer Elizabeth Hadlow, Senior Conservator Jill Gurney, Conservator Paul Smith, Conservator Robert Dooley, Archivist Archives Control Marie Maher, Archives Control Support Officer Christine Yeats, retired Manager, Public Access Rhonda Campbell, Acting Manager, Public Access Warwick Hunter, Policy Officer, Access and Information Gail Davis, Senior Archivist, Research and Publications Rachel Hollis, Archivist, Public Access David Thornell, Manager, Information and Communications Ninh Phan, Senior Technology Officer Anthea Brown, Project Archivist, Online Services Tuula Lepisto, Assistant, Publications and Online Services Amanda Barber, Manager, Government Recordkeeping Grace Hui, Administrative Assistant, Government Recordkeeping The National Archives (United Kingdom) (TNA) Tim Padfield, Copyright Officer, The National Archives (UK) Paul Johnson, The National Archives Image Library Manager (UK) Marie-Louise Ayers, Senior Curator, Pictures and Manuscripts, National Library of Australia Emma Jolley, Curator, Manuscripts Branch, National Library of Australia Mathew Stuckings, Reference Librarian, Manuscripts Branch, National Library of Australia Patricia Crampin, Preservation Reformatting, National Library of Australia Jennifer Lloyd, Preservation Reformatting, National Library of Australia Robyn Tait, Preservation Reformatting, National Library of Australia Robyn Holmes, Senior Curator, Pictures and Manuscripts, National Library of Australia Tracy Bradford, Head of Manuscripts, Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales Merinda Campbell, Imaging Services, State Library of New South Wales Kevin Leamon, Coordinator Copyright and Permissions, State Library of New South Wales W. Pascoe Pty Ltd (for digitisation of HO 31/1 from AJCP Reel 1734) edition 1959.) Castles, Alex C., An Introduction to Australian Legal History. Cobley, John, The Crimes of the First Fleet Convicts. White, John, Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales, by John White, Surgeon-General to the First Fleet and the Settlement at Port Jackson (Originally published 1790), With a Biographical Introduction by Rex Rienits, Edited by Alec H. Angus and Robertson in association with the Royal Australian Historical Society, 1962.Her mother, Penny, is not a fan of her daughter’s inmate marriage, and she says she’s worried for her daughter’s safety. Indents list the convicts transported to New South Wales - early indents provide name, date and place of trial and sentence while the later indents usually include physical description, native place, age and crime. See the Chronological list of Convict Ships for references to these records, including NRS 1152-1154 [4/4000-4002] and NRS 12188, [4/4004] which have not been digitised in Transcription is a time-consuming task and names can be open to interpretation. Compiled by ABGR [Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record] Project for the Society of Australian Genealogists, 2002. S., Shipping Arrivals and Departures Sydney, 1788-1825. Flynn, Michael, The Second Fleet: Britain’s Grim Convict Armada of 1790. Flynn, Michael, Settlers and Seditionists: The People of the Convict ship 1794.

i cant see myself with anyone else but him, i know he needs me at this time, but its seeing how my friends and family frown uppon our relationship thats making me feel indifferent bout it, we've been together 23 months now dispite all the hate coming from everyone. These convicts’ names may have been crossed of the lists. Genealogical Society of Victoria, Index to Convicts who arrived in NSW, 1788-1842 and an index to the ships that transported them [Microfiche]. Gillen, Mollie, The Founders of Australia: A Biographical Dictionary of the First Fleet, with Appendices by Yvonne Browning, Michael Flynn, Mollie Gillen. Hall, Barbara, Of Infamous Character: The Convicts of the , Ireland to Botany Bay, 1799. The records were first kept by the Governor of the Colony of New South Wales or his Secretary. Some convicts may not have been embarked, others may have been embarked but removed prior to the ship sailing, eg. Hazzard, Margaret, Punishment Short of Death: A History of the Penal Settlement at Norfolk Island. due to poor health, and others may have been embarked on later ships.

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