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The sharp and angular lines of a particularly skinny woman is generally not considered to be feminine or womanly at all.It’s funny how us gals are so into looking and feeling skinny.The women with more flesh can hide their age better and don’t appear to have as many fine lines. There's nothing more satisfying than hitting a night on the town and being asked to show some I. If having a rounder face with a little more skin does this to you, sign me up!Women have been trying forever to find ways to make them stay looking younger and fresh, and lucky for you, you get to save your money because you have that done for you naturally!The fact is that a very skinny and ‘waifish’ type of woman often has rather unsightly bones that are clearly visible through the surface of her skin.

It seems to ring true that super skinny women can appear older because they don’t have plump skin that helps hide wrinkles.We stop at nothing to get down to a size 2 and are the first to say our curves are well, too curvy.But what’s even funnier is how men love a woman for the same curves we can’t stand.Men have been into curvy women for a long time now, and it still says the same today because they enjoy that classic look.A curvy woman with a body that is noticeable and not too thin or frail is sexy and has been for decades now, making it a thing men continue to get heated over time and time again.

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While we might think our butt is too big or are bodies are too soft, men think the opposite.

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