Dating a banker anonymus andy baldwins ex girlfriend is dating

The responses to another thread worried me a bit (it was about wealthy men and dating essentially), I'm worried that if i become a banker the only girls i'll be able to date will be 'gold diggers' and i'd like to be able to date someone who likes me for who i am as a person (soppy, i know).

So basically to all the normal girls, would a banker turn you off?

In my final year of university, I met an investment banking graduate in class.

I just knew he was hot and cool and just so perfect.We interviewed a woman who earned £240,000 after selling her start-up — before she moved to Shanghai and began earning £29,000 while her husband made £190,000.We went through the finances of a woman who makes half of what her partner makes, but pays an equal amount in rent. Girls who try to schedule plans with banker boyfriends have no idea how much strain they're putting on him and on the relationship. But he cant because his schedule is not his to control and it WILL change with no notice at all. Its full of stress and day-old suits and negative emotions.Check up on him without having an ulterior motive of knowing when he gets off work. I find that it helps to really understand the dynamics of the office as much as possible.

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I knew that he was a player type from the start, my friend warned that she saw him with another girl on the day he asked me out. He would make me super happy then super sad and angry.

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