Dating a catfighter

As a writer, a friend, a mother, a wife, and a daughter, she analyzes her own insecurities and background and how these influence her relations with other women.

With the sociologist’s perspective of a Barbara Ehrenreich and the feminist outrage of a Gloria Steinem, Tanenbaum demythologizes the age-old “catfight.” Catfight: Women and Competition is Leora Tanenbaum’s dissection of the gender war waged among women.

On Earth, Ben is on a double date with Ester, Rook, and Rayona, with the latter visiting Earth for the first time.

Despite this, Ben proves to be so engrossed in Sumo Slammers 6 that he fails to return Ester's romantic advances.

Rook and the others eventually catch up to them and regroup, pointing out to the angry princesses that they have to work together, just as he receives another alert about Nyancy being sighted at Spaceman's Wharf.

Throughout Catfight, Leora Tanenbaum puts her own life experiences under the lens of scrutiny.

Rook is less than enthusiastic to involve the two villainous ladies, but Rayona annoyingly points out that finding Ben as quickly as possible would allow them to resume their date, as she has limited time to spend on Earth.

Rook concedes to collaborating, and calms the girls down, pointing out that Nyancy would likely spend some time before commencing another cat-themed crime.

His hypothesis is proved wrong, though, as he receives a Plumber alert about Nyancy and Rath in Undertown.

At this, both Looma and Attea drive away in their vehicles, determined to beat each other to the punch.

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Just as the heroes try to regroup, Looma and Attea show up in their respective vehicles, demanding Ben - which soon turns into an argument as the competitive princesses begin asserting their right for Ben.

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