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I’d say to other nonbinary people that if your potential partner isn’t comfortable with your identity then they’re not the one for you.

Don’t let someone you like deter you from your assurance of your identity, and don’t change just to fit their ideals.

Try not to sleep with people who fetishize your identity.

It may seem harmless but it’s actually quite transphobic, and that kind of violence often becomes routine and perpetuated in more ways than sexually, which puts you in danger.

Two questions can quickly determine whether a date is healthy for you or not: “Are you accepting of transgender individuals? ” You can phrase those questions however you like, but if they answer no to either of those, you can save yourself time, money, and emotional duress.

Just ask, don't try to outwit them or anything coy.

Khalypso, 19, They/Them I came out as agender last year and, since then, dating has been somewhat different.

Many of the men I’ve interacted with socially have misgendered me in significant ways through their behavior and language.

I’d like to remind all nonbinary people that they are valid, no matter what comment they ever hear or read says.

It’s so important to have confidence in yourself and to put yourself first. There’s no right way to be nonbinary, so don’t be worried if it’s questioned or challenged, you’re the one who understands how your identity works.

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