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We haven't had a successful session yet with another couple where we both had penetrative sex.

My husband overthinks it and can't maintain an erection.

We all went to one bed and started by getting undressed and making out with our own partners.

Soon I felt the woman's hand caressing my breast as I was kissing my husband.

This was very awkward for us, but we tried not to let it show. For the rest of the week she was cordial when we'd run into them, but he wouldn't even say hello to us. But those we've met want the same thing that we want: friendship with like-minded couples, and if we happen to have fun in sexual ways from time to time, that's a bonus. Unfortunately, there is not a single lifestyle club in the entire state where we live.

We play only as a couple and only together in the same room. We both have veto power, meaning that if there is a man I want to play with, my hubby can say no at any time for any reason and it will not happen, whether he's not comfortable with the guy or isn't interested in playing with his wife.

Throughout the week, we had two more play sessions with other couples, including a six-way group session with the same couple from the first night.

After a little while, I started giving my husband head while the other couple had sex.

We played a little while the other couple finished up, and then we all went to the hot tubs.

The atmosphere of the cruise made us more open to trying new things.

Last spring my husband and I were looking for an adults-only vacation to celebrate our tenth anniversary.

I came across a "clothing optional lifestyle takeover cruise." The materials talked about dance parties, clothing-optional areas, and playrooms, including a dungeon. It was only after we'd booked the trip that we realized it meant swingers.

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The first evening there was a toga/gods/goddesses party.

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