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A simple twist of the handle and out come the beaters. The company also changes its name to The Sunbeam Corporation during the Model 7 production run.

The model designations of 7A and 7B are still used to determine color variations.

Hopefully this may help in identifying the Mixmaster you are trying to buy, sell or collect.

If you are interested in purchasing a Mixmaster you can contact me at [email protected] was probably making changes very fast during the production of these mixers trying to beat other company's innovations.

This page contains a short description and pictures of the classic models of Sunbeam Mixmaster.

Production started in about 1930 and continued into the mid 60s.

There is also a model with a chrome bowl turntable.

The base also is changed to bakelite and features an adjustment lever for moving the bowl platter depending on bowl size. The bowls for model 9 and earlier will NOT work with model 10 and later. Very late in the production run some chrome proto-types were produced.Available in Model A or B, which indicated the bowl and mixer color, either jadeite bowls with cream mixer (3A) or white bowls with black and white mixer (3B).Manufacture Date: Beginning August 6, 1936 3A - November 2, 1936 3B - February 24, 1937 The Mixmaster gets a new look.The motor was not yet removable for hand use and the speed control was on the base. Starting with the M4H the juicer mount was a taper mount on top of the mixer motor.I acquired this mixer from a long time Sunbeam Repair Shop. They put a 50s decal on for display in their store. It was made of cast iron, the later ones were pot metal. Manufacture Date: M4F - Nov.1931 to March 15, 1932 Sunbeam Model M4H One of the variations of the M4 Mixmaster. Manufacture Date: M4H - May 20,1932 to Aug 15,1932 3 Speed Version sold in about 1933.

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The difference on this model is that the front ID plate screwed on with 2 screws instead of 4 and the juicer bowl sits on the tapered mount. This was the first Mixmaster with a handle for portable use. 9, 1932 to May 20, 1933 Model K - June 1, 1933 to May 1, 1935 This was a one speed toy version of the three speed Model 1 Mixmaster shown above.

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