Dating the pyramids

Science only progresses by keeping our minds open to alternative hypotheses.

Our logical deductions were that these had been part of an attempt to pull the block from the wall (no doubt breaking it in the process) so as to explore a known or suspected cavity.On the contrary, his name appears only once, clumsily scrawled in red paint on a wall tucked away in a small room that was blocked from all access.If the pyramids of Giza were mistakenly dated based on the period of reign of King Khufu and other pharaohs, it is possible that the pyramids are in fact much older.Some archaeologists have pointed out that most Egyptian funerary structures abound with texts and inscriptions inside them to assist the passing of the dead pharaoh into the underworld, but the Giza pyramids, including Khufu, were devoid of decoration and hieroglyphics.Many have argued that if Khufu had indeed commissioned the building of a pyramid for his tomb, his name would appear prominently inside it.

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