Dating while having cancer

I have taken care of loved ones who are terminal and it is no picnic, but at the same time i wouldn't hesitate to stay with someone i loved thru anything.But if you are not sure of your feelings for her, then it is best to err on the side of caution in order to not leave her when she's terminal if you can't handle the worst case scenario.

I feel I have much more to consider than my own feelings and happiness.

The thing is, you could date someone healthy who gets hits by a bus, or has a stroke, or gets diagnosed with a major illness after you are well into the relationship. So i think what you need to evaluate here is how strong your attachment is to her, and how you think you would respond if the worst case scenario occurred and she starts to decline.

I think if you are in a relationship it is pretty awful to leave someone when they are terminally ill, so you have to be the kind of person who could stick out a few years of potentially bad times with her, and stay with someone who may be dying.

Many people would be unable to walk away because they would feel they were less than they should be. well, lots of people experience lots of loneliness (no partner) and they aren't ill, so the two really aren't connected. I have a friend who was treated for breast cancer, and they have so many support groups and services and volunteers who will befriend and take care of people going thru treatment, and after treatment in support groups.

She actually got a bit depressed AFTER she went into remission because she said she had so many people paying attention to her when she was in treatment, that she missed that and was more lonely after she became 'normal' again than when she was in treatment.

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I have been dating a woman for about 6 weeks and starting to develop feelings for her.

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