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To meet people in real life, you want to be comfortable, easy-going, and approachable. Meet Up was great for me while I was single, I joined a local tennis group that allowed me to improve my game and meet some great people.

Also, taking a class in something you've wanted to learn is great too, as is going on dates with your friends and trying out restaurants and bars that have been on your list.

But now that App-less April is just about here, and I'm starting to wrap up the convos I started on apps, I'm starting to wonder what I should focus on during the next 30 days.

My co-worker Kathryn, who's joining me for App-less April, says that her goal for the 30 days is to take dating more seriously, because she often thinks of it as a game — and if you've ever missed your bus stop because you were Tindering, you totally get.

This time away to focus on other things should leave you refreshed and confident, both traits that make you more attractive when you decide you're ready to re-install those apps." -Jonathan Bennett, Dating And Relationship Coach"The world offers unlimited opportunity. First, work diligently to improve your emotional intelligence to attract others to you.

Although not a dating book, Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends & Influence People will make you a better conversationalist — a very helpful skill in the dating world." - Monica Parikh, Dating Coach And Founder Of School of Love NYC"Insert yourself into situations where you can attract your "tribe." Bourbon-swilling rock stars may not be at early morning yoga classes. If you want someone hilarious, sign up for improv class.

Early signs of dating abuse can be identified through the constant checking of cell phones, social media accounts, text messages, or other online networks without your permission.

Now, you’re probably wondering how is checking someone’s phone without their permission considered a warning sign for dating abuse?

Focus on yourself and put all that time and energy into something that you wanted to learn to do or do more of." - Rhonda Milrad, M. W, Founder and CEO of Relationup"Clients who date offline have the added benefit of making friends when dating.

It’s not like this is an example of couples getting into physical altercations or making verbal threats to each other.

However, the simple act of crossing someone’s boundaries by looking at their personal property without permission is what causes these actions to slip into unhealthy relationship territory.

The beginning of a new relationship can feel like a breath of fresh air.

It’s a unique time where you learn about your partner, explore each other’s wants and needs, and spend quality time together.

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Either way, it's the perfect time to break our patterns and learn something new in the process.

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