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This must have worried Hitler, who decided against an invasion.Before I left for my naval training, one of my concerns was passing the medical examination.At Liverpool University half the time was spent on naval training, where my OTC parade ground experience proved useful, and half on academic studies which we were told would be accepted as the first year of a degree course if we chose to return to academic life after the war, though the UND course was to last only six months and we had to pass exams at the end of it.I managed to pass the course and became an Ordinary Seaman in the Royal Navy in July 1943, earmarked as a commission candidate.

That was the last chance to weed us out and in January 1944 I was commissioned as a Midshipman RNVR (in common parlance a “snotty”).At that time I did not think to ask him more about his experiences but in later life I wished I had.As he was born in September 1899 he could not have been in the navy very long as he would have been barely 19 when the war ended.After HMS Ganges I was sent to serve a few weeks in each of two ships in Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, the main base for the larger units of the Home Fleet.The first ship was a World War 1 battleship, HMS Queen Elizabeth; the second was a battle cruiser, HMS Renown, which earlier had taken Winston Churchill across the Atlantic to meet President Roosevelt and agree war strategy.

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