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She says that if she can’t prevent it happening to the daughter in law of the family, she wishes the same happen to the daughter as well. They try to call Arpita, or her parents but cant get them . Please give me one more chance, I can’t live without you. Avni says that she wont ever believe in love if she doesn’t stop. She sees Raj coming, and thinks that she must stop thinking about Raj or she will see him everywhere. Avni asks what are you doing here, he says they thought of having an outing. He says he promised her that they will have a date together, and asks her to go along him.

Bhawna holds hand to hit avni, she says she got all her answers. I couldn’t be a good husband, I couldn’t fulfill any of my promise but I want to fulfil them now. The receptionist there tells her that the flight she is talking about has already left. He takes her to a table decorated with roses, and offers her a chair. Avni thinks he has ordered all her favorite dishes.

Bhawna comes out running, Avni asks her to do something. Pratab takes the call and asks if she wants something else from the market. Pratab tells Akshit and Arpita that Suket has started spying; he must be eager to know how you people are but as Bhawna said it is his own way, and must be difficult for him to find the right way.

Avni calls Raj and tells him her flight is today, we must find him. The owner of Rivolia restaurant comes to meet Suket in the office. Maybe it was Akshit as he is sure he and Arpita are in Jaipur somewhere.

Raj tells Akshit that Arpita is leaving because she loves you, but the one she loves doesn’t care for her. She says no, but she had just hadn’t just worn this dress; she also was thinking to go out somewhere with the family.She bends to touch Suket’s feet, he backs up but she still touches them.She bends in front of Bhawna; she holds her hand from keeping on her head. She says that she doesn’t want to put a shadow of her relation on this family; she is ending this relation on these papers.Akshit says that anything that happened was for a good. Akshit says that he cant do anything alone about it, dad didn’t accept her and Arpita left.He cant help it, he is also hurt as he knows she must have cried.

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