Dating your fuck buddy

Over the years we have done literally hundreds of reviews of fuck buddy sites.

Some people call fuck buddies sites "hookup sites", NSA (no strings attached) sites or casual sex sites in the end they're all the same thing.

Although few and far between there are actually some legitimate fuck-buddy sites to meet people locally.

At least 80% of the hookup sites out there are fictitious so there's a couple of ways to identify real sites to find a fuck buddy.

A comprehensive list of the most popular sex buddy sites (many of which are in fact fraudulent).

Everything is listed below with a short summary of why the site should not be trusted and a link directly to the review of that particular sex buddy website.

It could be tempting to suggest you like the person in an emotional way in order to get what you want but you should avoid that at all costs. If you’re not feeling it one day then don’t just ignore their texts or calls.

These will all tell you that the website is using deceptive marketing tactics to get you to the payment page.

The first thing you need to do is have some common sense if you start getting emails from super hot looking girls 2 minutes after joining the site then that's a big red flag the site you just joined is fake.

If you don't get emails right away and the women on the site don't all look like super models and porn stars that's a good sign.

They might just be your friendly sexual playmate but you should still treat them how you would want to be treated yourself. You need to be really specific and make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to issues that could cause problems.

So are you going to be allowed to have other sex-only friends and how regularly are you looking to meet? It can be tempting just to carry on if emotions are involved and you’re starting to really like them but it will only end in tears.

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We've come across this scenario hundreds of times over and over again!

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