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I mean I can imagine guys going online for dating because first of all its harder for guys to laid and secondly guys most of the time want a quick lay.

However I don't understand a girls motivation to go these online dating sites. They are either too ugly to get guys in IRL or really lonely and in need of some company or terribly insecure that they need to have guys pursing them for validation or a combination of all three.

Also personally I prefer meeting people through other people, seems a bit more fun than going on a site and scrolling through profiles and forcing some sort of connection.

I joined up to that Zoosk thing briefly but got bored of it.

They have good jobs, education, qualifications, but used because they didn't really have the time to go out and meet new people.

You'll find that loads of city workers are on these dating sites. Right I'm anon because I might get flamed by a lot of the geeks on here but I reckon girls on dating sites are wrecks.

For relationships I'd rather meet someone local anyway so going on the internet for it seems a bit pointless....

I've found the men on dating sites a lot more desperate than the women.

If you search on the site I'm on, practically every guy is searching for "casual sex" or short term relationships, and their profiles basically just revolve around reasons you should sleep with them.

I'm just a little scared, partly because of those stories you hear in the news, you know what I mean?

I guess the reason why I'm on there, you could say I am slightly lonely, deperate and insecure.

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Girls might find it easier to get laid, but that doesn't mean it's easier to find relationships.

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