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She uses that to get herself and others out of trouble.

Frannie Morgan (Tiffany Dupont) is the former President of Zeta Beta Zeta, who was forced to step down from her position because of a scandal.

He seems like a typical good-looking, intelligent frat guy but is secretly gay.

Ashleigh Howard (Amber Stevens) is the President of the Zeta Beta Zeta, and a bright, bubbly girl.

When her little brother Rusty (Jacob Zachar) pledges Greek, Kappa Tau Gamma, she helps him out where she can.In another show, it might’ve seemed like an intentionally sensational moment, but here the character development was sufficiently gradual that you just accept that, yes, it was time. so much that he’s now on the lookout for a second chance at love, but the way he totally overdoes it in an attempt to impress a new girl is both sweet and painful – just like real life.(Accordingly, the girl freaks out and, even after he apologizes, she still tells him she doesn’t want to see him again.) Most shows have a romantic triangle, but “Greek” offers an intricate romantic : Casey, Evan, Cappy, Rebecca, and Frannie (Tiffany Dupont), who returns to the ZBZ fold after Lizzie tells Casey it’s the only way she’ll leave the house to its own devices.But you have to give the producers of “Greek” credit for their continued attempts to smirk at the limitations of their location – like, say, offering up an episode where Rusty (Jacob Zachar) thinks he’s courting a young lass but quickly discovers that what he’s actually found is a “fun buddy.” “Fun buddy.” .So what’s going on in the hallowed halls of Cyprus-Rhodes this time around?

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She tried to open a new sorority, but that didn’t last. Dale Kettlewell (Clark Duke) is Rusty’s roommate, but chooses to not pledge Greek, being afraid of the consequences of that life.

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