Do tori and beck end up dating

I would also like to see Andre and Trina become a couple, because opposites attract couples are too cute, and he could help her become a better singer.

Beck and tori are the best couple ever made Jori To be honest this should had happened at the end of the series because at first they were fighting then they became friends then they should've dated It would've been completely sexy if Jade and Tori were really a couple.

The dialogue between Beck and Tori is from that same episode, by the way. (And I promise: The next Bade story is coming soon, if that’s what you clicked into this story for.) She can’t be together with Beck. Beck actually is the only one to realize that she only does so because they force her to. Only that that backfires and she promptly looses her job. And then, he leans forward and they don’t just almost kiss accidentely, but he wants to kiss her on purpose. Tori still doesn’t want any bad blood between herself and the other girl. Tori isn’t sure it ever really did work between them, but maybe Beck only got sick of it because of Tori. I was attacked with toilet paper.”“Look,” Beck answers calmly. Beck already continues: “I mean a girl who’s got strong opinions and a big mouth.”“Why?

Every scene I reference between them is out of the series. That’s her first thought after thinking about Beck again after his and Jade’s break-up. Beck is still there for her, apologizes to her, and stays with her when their friends leave to support Jade in the job that once was Tori’s. She knows it shouldn’t, but it still makes her happy somehow.

It’s just weird and I don’t think there is, like, a target audience for this. She may be angry at and disappointed in Jade right now, because she took the job from her, but... Also, Tori needs Beck to date another girl in between for Jade to not get the impression that Tori stole Beck from her. I think I’ve learned something about myself.”Tori doesn’t get it and suggests: “That you’re ungrateful to your friend, who tried to fix you up with a cute girl?

I still wanted to write it because I had fun imaging Tori’s thoughts like this while watching the episode “Tori fixes Beck and Jade”. She tries not to think about it, to think too much into it. She’s about to open the Platinum Music Awards and has to act and dress like a crazy person. They might almost kiss, but for now she has to concentrate on acting like herself again like Beck advises. Yes, it has been four months and apparently, Jade is over Beck by now, but... Maybe, it only stopped working between Jade and Beck because Beck developed a crush on Tori, possibly without him even knowing. ”“No,” Beck promptly says, seems to think about it himself for a second, then: “I just think I like dating a girl who, you know, fights back.”“You,” Tori starts, trying to get this.

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If you don't think they're the cutest and most realistic couple on Nick, something's wrong with you.

But as this will be out of Tori’s perspective, it’s also not really a Bade story or anything. Beck should prove first that he really is open for other girls again. So, he should date another girl first, at least go on a few dates, before Tori will open up to his advances.

Thank god I was afraid I would get on here and bori would be number one because people are dumb There is so many things wrong with their relationship but thy make it work and it's so cute I feel like there is a part of jade that only beck sees like a nice sensitive side but only occasionally I think that's really beautiful I love the way Beck always agrees with Jade and it is adorable how he often apologizes for her behavior! I would've liked to see Jade with Tori cause that would have been so hott to watch.

Also it would had been interesting to see Trina and Beck go out. Finally I wouldn't had minded to see Andre with no one unless he was with another girl besides Cat, Tori, Jade, or Trina Bori I really think Bade is cute but I totally like Bori more.

Just them kissing and making out would've had me begging for more Tori and Jade making out would be insanely hot cause they both have very hot bodies and them using it on each other would be very amazing to watch lol!

Tori should've kissed Jade because they can't resist each other and them that would be the best thing ever!

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