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------------------ Since I was once so vocal about these so-called “religious freedom” cases, a number of people have asked me to jumped back on here and weigh in on the Masterpiece Cakes decision in longer form than my Twitter habits (@goodasyou) will allow. Not because we should’ve lost, but because we very much live in a country where questions regarding religion can be morphed and twisted in a way that obscures fact, even among learned people. To fully understand the full range of complexities associated with anti-LGBTQ cases like this one, one needs a very specific and rarefied skills set.One needs to understand what organizations like the Alliance Defending Freedom are and what they what they really one.One needs to be able to read the subtext within the carefully crafted legal briefs.One needs to have years of experience dealing with these aggressors to know why they are twisting and turning the way that they are.In fact, we don’t even bring up the subject of the Trump presidency unprovoked. We essentially tell her that this person is a mistake who never should have found himself into the Oval Office. For her, resistance means simply adhering to the basics that she learns in preschool everyday.It’s just that we have a very bright child on our hands, and she questions everything she hears. This then leads to a whole discussion about ovals and how they’re shaped liked eggs. In fact, she has kind of taught me a thing or to about how to resist. This is not how I would have raised a child during the George W.Listening to ADF lawyers on both mainstream and conservative media, it’s clear to me that this is not the outcome they wanted.

And the fact that these newfound discriminators will inevitable use Masterpeice to justify their actions will make the ADF look even worse. It was November 9, 2016—the day my child still remembers as the first time she saw me cry. And she doesn’t talk about it as a self-contained memory. As in, “Hey Savannah, what are some things that make people cry?

This creates and obviously frightening landscape for LGBTQ people who would very much like to move forward with existences without constant fear of attack. In the marriage fight, the anti-equality activists were always at their worst after they had a “victory.” Which is to say they were at their best, as their string of terrible moves when they were at their apex always served to help us more ably make our case against them. When business owners start trying to apply this decision in a way that turns away LGBTQ customers from everyday commerce, there will Be even more evidence of the inherent bigotry that we know to be at the heart of these cases.

With only a handful of media-trained “victims,” groups like the ADF can more ably control the message. Even in the moment, as devastating and other-worldly as it was, I made note of the way she was looking at me. Savannah, someone who has always been hard on herself whenever she thinks she has upset someone, has (and had) a tendency to turn into a problem solver who throws out a million on-the-spot ways she might be able to help lighten the situation. This time she was staring at me in a very deliberative way.

I don’t, however, believe I would have cared so deeply about her knowing that we are experiencing a time where those of us who know and want better must step up and make things better.

In that and similar times, I believe I could’ve kept her fully detached from anything resembling political or governmental affairs.

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And yes, the attacks on President Obama started trending off the political pages and into high school slambooks. To be a political commentator in 2018, one must instead perform psychoanalysis on a president who doesn’t seem to have even a basic understanding of his role, on inexperienced colleagues who seem both complicit and disdainful in equal measure, and on scandals that range from to global inquiry. If young people in particular see this crude and cruel experiment as something to replicate, we will become an unrecognizable people. As in it’s impossible to compare to anything I’ve ever done prior in life. With increased schooling comes more time for daddy.

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