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It's easily one of the worst flicks he's ever been associated with -- even fans of Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson should probably hold out for cable before ever plunking down for a DVD.

Please let us know if this review was helpful (click below) If you have any questions about this review please contact us at [email protected] by CK-Auctions Enjoyable At Times, but A Flat-Out C My Super-Ex Girlfriend Rating* PG-13 for sexual content, crude humor, language and brief nudity Release Date* July 21, 06 What I mean by just flat-out C was that it was good, and bad, and it totally was not great.

That is the lesson at the heart of MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND, a supernatural romantic comedy in which a jealous ex-girlfriend's rage reaches terrifying heights thanks to the fact that she also happens to be G-Girl, a sexy superhero who serves as the object of many male fantasies while routinely saving New York City from disasters like fires, thieves, and fast-approaching missiles.

See all condition definitions- opens in a new window or tab Beneath every superhero facade lies a real, often-misunderstood person.

After initially playing hard to get, Jenny quickly latches onto Matt, professing her love to him before their relationship has even hit the one-week mark.

Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) has dealt with his share of difficult women, but when he meets bookish beauty Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman), his instincts tell him this one is a whole new kind of trouble.

You know you're in trouble when your two leads generate as much chemistry as a wet matchbook -- Uma Thurman (who looks pretty awful in a few scenes) stars as Jenny Johnson, a mild-mannered New Yorker whose alter-ego, G-Girl, flits around the Big Apple saving lives and stopping evil.

One such offender would be this summer's bomb My Super Ex-Girlfriend: neat idea on the surface -- neurotic super-heroine engages in typical rom-com shenanigans -- that was horribly muffed by director Ivan Reitman, screenwriter Don Payne and the assembled cast.It is the movie to watch if you want a good laugh, and something to take your mind off of your troubles for awhile.It's silly and ridiculous, but it's also great fun.Luke Wilson & Uma Thurman both play their roles exceptionally well. Matt finds out quickly that Jenny is a bit off, but ignores all of the warning bells going off in his head.Great acting goes into this simple romantic-comedy with a fun-filled spin. You can't be disappointed, if you go into this expecting the right things. A little romance and wild sex ensues, and soon Jenny takes Matt into her confidence, letting him know that she's really G-Girl, their city's superhero.

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