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“I wear Egyptian brands when in Turkey and Turkish brands when in Egypt because I don’t like to conform to the general style being worn in any country and I want to provide that same option for the Egyptian girls who want something different,” explains Ibrahim.“Most of the time, when someone compliments me on an outfit while I’m in Egypt and asks me where I got it from, I can't really give them an answer that will benefit them.“I want people to have options when it comes to fashion in Egypt. It's for Egyptian women who have enough self-confidence to pull off whatever they want to wear." Having started her online store in 2017, Ibrahim hand picks the items from suppliers in Turkey and facilitates the whole shopping process for her followers.Picking leggings with vibrant colours, suits with unconventional designs, and swimsuits with a whole lot of ruffles, Bee Picks will definitely have those who wear her pieces as the talk of the town, in a good way.Her climb to being a fashion blogger started from there and it was initially just a hobby.

This is where the inspiration for Bee Picks came,” says Ibrahim.

More so, for the girls with a more eccentric taste in clothing, there are very limited options that enable their to explore their wild side, if any.

Half Turkish – half Egyptian fashion blogger, Berna Ibrahim is shattering the glass ceiling of Egypt’s fashion scene by importing fabulous pieces from local Turkish designers and selling them online through Instagram account Bee picks. Adamant on encouraging young Egyptians to experiment with their styles and develop a look that’s outside the box, Ibrahim doesn’t confine herself to one particular style nor does she conform to societal norms when it comes to her choice of outfits.

She says “yes”, converts to Islam, and the parents are excited for the wedding. In other countries, however, you can date whoever you want, but you have to ask her parents before you marry her. They expect you to provide for your future wife and the one thing you absolutely must have is……your own place. And if you prove that you can provide for your future wife, you can marry her.

Here’s what happens when an Egyptian woman meets a blonde American man: She introduces him to her parents. Now she’s 21 and she told me that she’s glad that she lives in Germany because she was sick and tired of hearing this question. You are not dating a woman from the Land of the Free, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find the right girl.

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But learning about the local dating culture opened my eyes to a new world… The parents ask the love-drunk American sweetheart if she wants to marry her son. You absolutely have to If the answer is yes, you’ll have a hard time convincing her parents that you’re the right man for their daughter. You have to answer all their questions and if they allow it, you can date her.

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