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The partnership just assumes the same basis as the partner.If the partnership disposes of the property at liquidation, that partner must recognize the gain or loss as if he had sold it himself rather than having the gain or loss allocated among all the partners.A partnership’s income, losses, deductions, and credit are passed through to the partners for Federal tax purposes and taxed directly to them, regardless of when income is distributed.[1] Since the partners have already paid tax on the income when it is earned, a complex system of rules applies to prevent double taxation when the income is later distributed to the partners.These rules (a) allocate the partnership’s income, losses, deductions, and credit among the partners and (b) adjust basis to reflect each partner’s allocation of those items.

Disproportionate distributions of these assets aren’t treated as distributions, but as a sale or exchange of assets.Partnerships don’t pay tax as an entity but pass a share of their income and deductions along to each partner.Partners can wind up paying tax on income they don’t receive.Partnerships might distribute land, equipment or other property as part of the liquidation.While property generally keeps the same basis in the hands of a partner as the partnership, liquidation requires a different approach.

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