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"She wasted it and kept wanting more and more," he says."In Kiev, the women are poorer and more desperate, and I am now more suspicious of women who come from these poverty-stricken areas." Greg is coming to Moscow this week to take a girl he met on a tour organized by A Foreign Affair to Italy for a week.Greg agrees, saying, "Russia is just like the '50s, when women cared about their appearance. It's really kinda neat being able to be masculine -- not chauvinist, but just act like a guy and not have to worry about being politically correct." Berkowitz adds, "Russian women are very feminine looking and acting, and they walk in a very feminine way, swinging their hips." As well as being more feminine, Russian women are also seen as more attentive than their counterparts back home.Greg says of his first tour, "I had a great time and fooled around a lot.Petersburg, as an example of how well the trips can work.

"You have to be wise when you are going through the ladies and be a gentleman," he says.

It was only a matter of time before Hollywood saw the tragicomic potential of the Russian mail-order bride business.

But while the recently released film "Birthday Girl" predictably focuses on the perils of marrying a stranger, some dating agencies claim that it needn't be such a risky business.

"We live different lives and according to different rules than in America," she says.

"There you have stability and Americans always try to plan their lives.

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Ivanova says girls often call her after a date to share their impressions and claim the men are not cultured or well-educated and sometimes stingy -- under the impression that all the girl wants is money. "Russian girls want real love and romantic commitment," she says.

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