Freddy and sam dating episode

The writers of the show would mostly keep humor out of their written scripts, so there were actually only a few written jokes.

The comedic elements of the show would be improvised on set— by the writers, and no one but the writers.

Throughout the series, Nathan Kress’ Freddie Benson occasionally spoke his lines in Spanish.

These moments appeared to be random, as not only would Freddie substitute arbitrary English words for Spanish ones, he would do so incorrectly.

That’s right, none of the actors were allowed to improvise on set, presumably meaning that they had to wait for the show’s writers to improvise the jokes for them.

In an interview, Mc Curdy said that she ate so much ham she actually vomited— and then had to keep eating more immediately afterward!

Then, in the final episode, Freddie started to explain it… It seems Schneider’s promises were all just an elaborate prank, and we’ll never know the reason for Freddie’s outbursts.

Back when Dan Schneider was still thinking of calling his new show “Starstruck,” he also couldn’t decide on his main character’s name.

Paul was fired from the show after a news report showed a multitude of complaints against him for his wild parties and obnoxious behavior.

The show will continue on, though, as it has proven to be a popular formula. From her notorious butter sock to other means of physical intimidation, it was a very physical role for Jennette Mc Curdy.

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