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The extra feature for this app is that users can engage in a group chat with at least 10 people all together at one time.

Google Hangout recommends Wifi for is usage but with cellular data, it covers stronger data connection networks.

Face Time is easily available on the i Tunes app store for the IOS users and they should have a running account linked to it.The rest of functionality is quite simple and any i Phone or i Pad user will learn quickly.

The user interface is smooth and operation is quick in response.

We provided in-depth guide on Face Time Download App for Android APK, i Phone & PC Windows for our readers to know the use and download procedure of this amazing app.

Face Time is one of the coolest apps used for video calls, audio calls and messaging to any of our friends over the internet.

Though with rise of demand and third party apps trying to develop the APK for Android devices, soon there will be a Facetime for Android available in the market.Though making it though for Apple to compromise the use of its personally developed apps, Google has been releasing many featured apps that may turn down the Face Time app.First, we will get down to the official clients of this app. The i Phone, i Pad or Mac users are deemed to be the official users if they wish to use this app.It is the ultimate video conversation app developed for the IOS users.Though integrated to the IOS system, many third party stores and sites are trying to provide the versions of different OS Softwares.

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