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The book is a statement regarding a hotly debated legal case with work..cant miss him: he has the pile of markers in front of him! The topic of his lecture is "What's the Point of Copyright? Hmm, I may have just instigated a double-post or something because I hit "return" after typing the subject, foolishly expecting to jump down to the textarea. I think Gage Mace (look for his flyers at Art Media) and local schools offer figure drawing instruction, but if you're looking for true classical, academic figure drawing in the tradition of the great ateliers...enlloc ( is a spanish art website with some collaborative/cooperative projects that might be of some interest for sitoans.

(or that could be me, sitting across from him -- but i will be less likely to be using them! bonus hint: look for a chin that looks like eds sito-id icon! h Mosaicoop is a cooperative icon (32x32) swapping project, where artists play with a palette of icons made by fellow iconers.

Looked up your site and thought you might be interested to join our worldwide artists Webism group: Cheers, Ingrid I sent this graphic off to Jesse Reklaw for his collaborative calender (July 10th piece). I want to get one, but I havn't been able to justify the cost yet. OTOH, the muzzling of Howard Stern by the Clear Channel is topical.

Hey hey, That there is a funny lil link yu left in da gridpoem there JER.., Made me think of this flash movie (which he-fucking-larious) Maybe it could prove to be good foder for the grid. Ohls, Yes, I visited your place earlier wondering where you were coming from. Curious about the name behind the initials B L & D Swedish? John uh, that's in the context of *when* society decides to make their same old wars on one or another group of fully unprepared people.

imagine my surprise when, because I decided our bathing beauties lawn needs some color and splash some yellow on it for a dindelion effect. My art will be on display at City Hall tomorrow for First Thursday. And I'll admit that the photo (1405-c3) of Rumsfeld shaking Saddam's hand in... After the first superficial shock - during the breakfast coffee - I have to say, your (nice painted) works are very courageous and exposing. It is valid for men AND women too, similarly - like you drew it exactly. The "DMCA" is a terrible law, it's like a "crimethink" thing from... This time featuring two cities and 7 days of action! 2252 b1 is a detail from a collaboration of 6 chimpanzees. Then invert the selection, then delete the background. This is generally due to lapsed registration or violation of policies. I have absolutely no idea what you're on about here. Diver sez: "Why are clownfish unharmed when they swim among the stinging tentacles of sea anemones? Needless to say, dad still stubbornly uses a safety razor to shave his face. See for a gallery that includes his unique sports art too.

Wanting to echo the color and theme in the corner of my panel I decide to do a search. This Mad Scientist would go nicely with the colorized slime green monster from Mel Brooks _Young Frankenstein_ in 821 c-3, IMHO. Ray Tapajna is featured at Tapart News and Art that Talks at His topical art portrays our times in the global economic arena combined with his editorial cartoons. It's part of Bike Portland's "Made In Portland" bicycle art show. PANIC will start this Sunday December 10 during Gracie's Brunch in Portland, Oregon ( People will be uploading portraits using the new web PANIC interface: ( You will then have 5 days to play... He plays the clavichord and French horn with the Berkeley Opera orchestra, writes fiction, and codes software such as Omni Page and Motet . Check out our large selection of [a href=" gold[/a] . UWI, I wanted to test the new upload helper, but BAZ beat me to the punch and reserved 918-a1 before I could finish my JPEG. sez: "Investigators are exploring a variety of theories, including that a single deranged... It is not one of the artworks listed on this site but this one has good info: This is the site where I found the image FYI I have not checked out the... To renew your registration please visit your registrar. Merkur Super safety razor blades are manufactured in Bolingen, Germany. I just finished putting the touches on It's a website that allows people to create art collaboratively. Other galleries include His art is also certified as BIAM ( Bank of...

CCF, i like the 3D body-jewelry on 2298, in the lower right. She has lost all her hair since the chemo and..."The [white] album which was actually named simply The Beatles, had the title in white on a white background, so C2 is wrong." Yes and no. If you're seeking something collaborative online that's sequential and a little more coherent than Gridcosm, may I recommend Comic Relief Jams. It's a..the past month or so, i have cleaned up three separate incidents of "comment spam" on sito discussion board. A friend sent me Robbie Conal's site today and it dredged up old memories of the eighties (sigh...) So it got me inspired and I made my own version,...

is it reflecting (and thus predicting) the level to come? reminds me of this great book i have about art hidden in other art... Wikipedia says ''The album's cover was designed by Richard Hamilton [...] and consisted of a plain white sleeve. I found the picture of the Tibetan girl with a Google search for beauty. Isnt funny how you used to be in the nuthouse and now Im in jail? in a way, i am amazed we have avoided it this long; but here we are. Kiyotei, I just spent a half hour searching the web for you. Since I'm out of town right now I'll contribute with a calendar of past events: Shuffleupagus at Fusion Labs: Ed visit to NY (last november) (scroll down) Ranjit's Lanternfest (february) I presented a paper about Sito at the New School... Kiyotei, I just spent a half hour searching the web for you. "During the rise of fascism, German Expressionists battled the right and tirelessly attacked the forces of conservatism,... Seems like every online art gallery I hit these days has artwork on display that reminds me of Gridcosm.

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