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Throughout your program, you can expect to work for most of the day, though during the hottest part of the afternoon you’ll be able to supplement your activities by helping teachers in their classrooms.

While you don’t need previous agricultural experience to sign up, a background in this area can be helpful for developing new projects and teaching farming techniques to local workers so they can more effectively and efficiently carry out their work.

When you visit Ghana, you’ll be exposed to 40 different languages in the country’s 10 regions, hundreds of animal species throughout Ghana’s national parks, and so much more.

You can see firsthand how tribal governments work alongside the national government, catch a game of soccer (Ghana’s national sport), and make wonderful friends from all over the world.

Through volunteering with projects focusing on medical work and health care, education, and basic child care, you can help to give Ghanaians a brighter future.

By teaching children and teens, you can provide necessary resources for a successful future, which will help end poverty family to family and community-wide.

IVHQ is one of the most affordable volunteer organizations you can sign up with - in Ghana, your program fee starts from just 0 for your first week.

You should enjoy the outdoors and have a good level of physical fitness to truly enjoy this placement.

Another outdoorsy program you may want to sign up for with IVHQ is their agriculture project in Ghana, which focuses on providing sustainable food for local children.

As a volunteer, you’ll help with both crop farming and animal farming, which includes: The produce you‘ll help to grow is donated to children’s homes with a goal of supplementing their healthy food intake.

And you won’t just reap personal benefits: volunteering and interning abroad is a wonderful resume booster that will help you succeed in your own life as you help others succeed in theirs.

Whether you're looking to get into a highly-touted university, or land a great job, volunteer experience in a foreign country is always a big plus.

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