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But I have never seen a study that shows this to be so.

It may well be that many set their banking password as the first account they ever used on the Internet and then reuse this same password for subsequent systems.

It's because trojans are incredibly sophisticated and will take your money at the moment you log in, all undetected, with no fancy MITM or phishing or SSL cert faking.

Yeah yeah, they got your password and because it's unique now they won't get into some other account of yours. You're one in a million people owned by their trojan.

Initially it doesn't seem like too much but if you've got a customer base numbering in the millions, it can get quite pricey.

I think it's a great solution and I don't understand why it's not widely used.I think using the password alone in the bank is a stupid idea in the first place.If all that stands between my dollars and miscreants is a few characters - this is careless to say the least. My bank gives me a small card reader (not connected to PC), where I insert my debit card and need to put in my card pin.Regular users reuse passwords given the opportunity to do so, and most of them will happily cough up their bank password to, quite literally, any site on the Internet.There's got to be some weird game-theory solution for "Maximize for security while simultaneously minimizing the sum of all accounts on the Internet which have a password that could possibly collide with a valid password on this site."As someone that has been the lead for many large banking systems, I can say your intuition on this one is off.

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