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Please see additional information under STD Testing and Treatment.If your pregnancy test is positive and you are considering abortion, it is very important to be tested for STDs.An ultrasound will provide evidence-based confirmation and dating of your pregnancy.Once the pregnancy is confirmed viable, then it is very important to rule out the possibility of an active STD (sexually transmitted disease).When available, information about who the program serves in provided.DCA does not oversee all of the agencies listed therefore individuals should view this site as a resource only and not as an endorsement of any agency.

We are committed to providing you with the knowledge and caring support you need to make an informed decision.Our trained patient care advocates and nursing staff are available to discuss with you your options and answer every question you have.They will provide you with evidence-based information regarding abortion, barriers to continuing a pregnancy, as well as abortion procedures and risks.We currently offer low-cost testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea as they are two of the most common sexually transmitted diseases.Proceeding with an abortion while infected can lead to serious complications and possible damage to your reproductive organs.

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Within Atlanta, only a select number of agencies may be listed.

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