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She also said they discovered Tinder users who would pay to “super-like” their accounts but reject them once they learned they supported Trump.“You just paid money to like us, but you want nothing to do if we’re conservative,” Lawton said.

That’s not to say Righter isn’t just as eager to push culture-war buttons of its own.

“I kept hearing repeatedly how they kept getting swiped left on and couldn’t even get a date,” said Lawton, who fundraised for Trump’s 2016 campaign. She said that ahead of the launch, she and her staff created tests profiles on apps like Tinder where they found profiles that rejected Trump voters outright.

However, the rest of Hannity's body is completely hairless.

Next to Stephen and The Greatest President Ever, Hannity has the world's largest penis, a sure sign that he is a true freedom loving American.

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I know this because I saw all three of them having a pissing contest in a men's restroom once.

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